Animal Wooden Toys For Your Lovely Kids

Animal Wooden Toys For Your Lovely Kids

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Wooden toy box exported by the leading manufacturer in Vietnam. This is a collection of toys made of wood, typically carved or molded into various types of animals like horse, tiger, elephant, zebra,... Using eco-friendly materials, this wooden toy box will be a wonderful birthday gift for your kids.
Mô tả
- Product name: Animal Wooden Toys For Your Lovely Kids
- Product Code: WT013
- Dimension: Customized
- Material: Pine wood, beech wood or according to customer's request
- Product Description: Wooden animal toys are often handcrafted and made from high-quality wood, such as beech, pine, or walnut. They may feature smooth, rounded edges and simple designs that are easy for young children to grasp and play with.
- Usage: Wooden animal toys can be used for imaginative play, helping children to develop their creativity and fine motor skills as they build and play with their own miniature worlds. They can also be used as educational tools, teaching children about different types of animals, their habitats, and their behaviors. In addition to being fun for children to play with, wooden animal toys can also be used as decorative pieces in a child's bedroom or playroom. They can be arranged on shelves, used as bookends, or incorporated into a larger display of wooden toys.
- MOQ: 500 pieces
- Packaging: by master boxes
- Production Time: 10-20 days after confirming order
- OEM: Available. We can follow as any customers’ shapes
- Production Capacity: 30000 pcs per month
- Payment Term: By T/T, Paypal
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