10 Unique and Handmade Wooden Toys for Your Retail Business

As a retailer who imports wooden toys in bulk, you're always looking for unique and high-quality products to offer your customers. Handmade wooden toys are a perfect addition to your inventory, as they offer several benefits over plastic toys and are sustainable and durable. Here are 10 unique and handmade wooden toys that are perfect for retailers who import large quantities of toys. wooden-toy-manufacturer (1)

Benefits of Wooden Toys for Importers  

Wooden toys are an excellent addition to your inventory as a retailer who imports in bulk. They are easy to transport and store, have a longer lifespan, and have a higher perceived value than plastic toys. Wooden toys are also eco-friendly and appeal to customers who are looking for sustainable products.   

Top 10 Unique and Handmade Wooden Toys  

Wooden Animal Puzzle  

This handmade wooden puzzle features a variety of adorable animal shapes that fit together to create a fun and engaging puzzle for children. The puzzle promotes problem-solving skills and helps develop hand-eye coordination. 


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Wooden Dollhouse   

A handmade wooden dollhouse is an excellent addition to any retail store. It provides hours of imaginative play and encourages creativity and storytelling.


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Wooden Blocks  

Wooden blocks are a classic toy that never go out of style. They promote creativity, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. Offer a variety of shapes and sizes to provide endless building possibilities.

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Wooden Train Set

A handmade wooden train set is a beautiful and timeless toy that encourages imaginative play and promotes fine motor skills. Children can use their creativity to design their own tracks and landscapes.

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Wooden Montessori Toys  - Wholesale at the manufacturer  

Montessori toys are designed to promote learning and development in young children. Wooden Montessori toys, such as a wooden shape sorter or a stacking toy, promote hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.


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Wooden Balance Board   

A wooden balance board is a versatile and fun toy that promotes physical development and balance. It can be used as a rocker, balance board, or bridge, providing endless play possibilities. wooden-toy-supplier (5)

Wooden Tool Set  

A handmade wooden tool set is a great way to encourage children to explore and learn about the world around them. The set promotes problem-solving skills and helps develop hand-eye coordination. 


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Wooden Marble Run   

A handmade wooden marble run is a fun and engaging toy that promotes creativity and problem-solving skills. Children can design their own tracks and experiment with gravity and momentum. wooden-toy-supplier (3)

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Wooden Kitchen Set   

A wooden kitchen set is a great way to encourage imaginative play and creativity. Children can use the set to cook and serve pretend meals, promoting social skills and creativity. 


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Wooden Musical Instruments   

Handmade wooden musical instruments, such as a xylophone or a drum set , promote musical development and creativity. They provide children with the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and rhythms. wooden-toy-supplier (1)

How to Display Wooden Toys in Your Store?  

As a retailer who imports wooden toys in bulk, it's important to display them in an attractive and eye-catching manner. An effective display can help you showcase the unique features of your wooden toys and attract customers to your store. Here are some tips on how to display wooden toys in your store:  

Create a dedicated display area:   

Designate a specific area in your store to display your wooden toys. This can be a standalone display or a section of your store that is dedicated to wooden toys.  

Use props and signage:    

Use props and signage to draw attention to your wooden toys. You can use wooden crates, baskets, or shelves to showcase your toys, and use signs and banners to highlight the unique features of each toy.  

Offer interactive displays:    

Create an interactive display where children can play with and interact with the wooden toys. This can include a play area with a train set or a dollhouse where children can play and engage with the toys.  

Showcase the craftsmanship:    

Highlight the craftsmanship and unique features of each wooden toy. Display toys that are handmade or feature intricate designs in a prominent location in your store. 


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Use lighting:    

Use lighting to draw attention to your wooden toys. Consider installing spotlights or using natural light to highlight the toys and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your store.  

Group toys by category:    

Group your wooden toys by category, such as puzzles, blocks, or musical instruments. This can make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for and can help them discover new toys they might be interested in.


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Offer product information:    

Provide customers with information about each wooden toy, including its features, benefits, and recommended age range. This can help customers make informed purchasing decisions and can also help you promote the unique features of your wooden toys. 


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Marketing and Selling Wooden Toys  

Marketing and selling wooden toys can be done through social media, email marketing, and in-store promotions. Educate customers on the benefits of wooden toys, including their eco-friendliness, durability, and developmental benefits. Address common customer concerns, such as price and safety, and offer promotions or discounts to encourage purchases. As an importer, you can also offer competitive prices and volume discounts to attract customers.  


Selling unique and handmade wooden toys in bulk as an importer is a great way to differentiate yourself from competitors and offer high-quality and sustainable products to your customers. If you are impressed with any of the wooden toy samples above or you have a unique idea for your own wooden toy design, please contact Thanh Tung Thinh right away! We will manufacture wooden toys according to your requirements and provide you with the best price.  


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