Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair: Partnership Opportunities with Manufacturers and Direct Wooden Products Suppliers in Vietnam: Successful Business Keys an

In a dynamic commercial context and the journey of wholesale business, finding reliable manufacturers and suppliers is crucial for achieving success. If you intend to expand your business and explore new trade opportunities, join us, Thanh Tung Thinh – a reputable partner in the production and supply of wooden products in Vietnam. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with international partners, top manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers to create attractive business opportunities. 

Vietnam HCMC Export 2024 Trade Fair 

HCMC Export 2024, taking place in Ho Chi Minh City, not only gathers hundreds of businesses from various fields such as agriculture, wood, fabric, and handicrafts but also showcases the latest trending products of high quality and competitive prices from reputable manufacturers in Vietnam. Additionally, the fair attracts special attention from many businesses worldwide, particularly those from Europe interested in wholesale trading, reliable sources, and direct factory prices in Vietnam. 

At this event, Thanh Tung Thinh hopes to share useful knowledge and experiences gained from many previous trade fair participations. This time, we are not only bringing unique new products but also acting as a reliable supplier for businesses interested in expanding their export markets and seeking new business opportunities. 


Highlights of Vietnam HCMC Expo 2024 Fair 

HCMC Export 2024 is a notable event for both businesses and consumers interested in Vietnam’s export market. The trade fair has attracted over 200 businesses in the wood industry, creating an important playground to promote trade activities and expand business cooperation opportunities both domestically and internationally. 


With a display area of up to 28,000 m² and 1,600 displayed items, HCMC Export 2024 offers a diverse space to meet all the needs for wooden products in the global market. Thanh Tung Thinh’s confidence is demonstrated by our export products being present in 25 countries worldwide, including major markets such as the USA, Canada, Japan, and South Korea. This attests to the company’s reputation and strength in participating in the HCMC Export 2024 International Trade Fair, a great opportunity to expand the market and increase global business cooperation opportunities. 

Reasons to Choose Sources from Vietnam 


Vietnam has long been known as the cradle of agriculture, wood, and fabric production, as well as the birthplace of sophisticated handicrafts that are sought after and popular worldwide. With these advantages, when importing goods from Vietnam, you will see the following benefits: 

  • Diverse Range of Goods: The event attracts businesses from various fields such as agriculture, wood, fabric, and handicrafts. This creates a rich space to explore and learn about diverse sources. 
  • Quality Products: With Vietnam’s reputation in agriculture, wood, and fabric production, attendees have the opportunity to access quality products from ordinary to high-end. 
  • Reasonable Prices: Thanks to domestic production and abundant supply, imported products from Vietnam often have competitive and reasonable prices. 
  • Positive Response After Boycott of Chinese Goods: With concerns about the quality and origin of Chinese goods, products from Vietnam are becoming the top choice in the international market. 
  • Business Opportunities: This event is not only a place to display products but also an opportunity to connect, build relationships, and seek new business cooperation opportunities. 

Wooden Products Manufacturer Thanh Tung Thinh 


With over 12 years of experience in wooden products manufacturing, Thanh Tung Thinh has established a strong brand presence, expanding its products to many countries worldwide, including Europe and America, and holding an important position in the wood industry. 

At HCMC EXPO 2024, Thanh Tung Thinh brings a great opportunity to expand business operations that suit consumer preferences in most countries around the world. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we strive to enhance your sourcing experience and propel your business toward greater success. 

Diverse Range of Wooden Products by Thanh Tung Thinh 


Participating in this year’s HCMC Export Trade Fair, Thanh Tung Thinh brings a variety of products, from wooden utensils and decorations combined with epoxy - a trend favored in the US market to kitchen products such as cutting boards, spoons, trays, and not to mention decorations and toys. This diversity is not only reflected in the materials used for production but also in optimal solutions for consumers. 

The products displayed at the fair show that Thanh Tung Thinh not only has a strong influence in the domestic market but also has great potential in the export field. The combination of quality, creativity, and flexibility in using various materials has created rich and unique products that meet the demands of discerning markets worldwide. 

Continuous Development and Innovation of Wooden Products Manufacturer Thanh Tung Thinh 


After more than 12 years of continuous development, Thanh Tung Thinh’s wooden products have now established a firm position and become one of the leading companies in Vietnam and the region, particularly in solutions and items made from various types of wood. With a large factory of over 1,000 m² located in Binh Thuan province, Vietnam, Thanh Tung Thinh also has a showroom displaying products in the center of District 1, HCMC. This is the result of relentless efforts by our team of skilled workers and dedicated staff, always ready to serve, providing customers with the best quality products and services. 

Commitment to Quality Wooden Products of Manufacturer Thanh Tung Thinh 


Over the years, Thanh Tung Thinh has continuously invested in training and strengthening our workforce to improve quality and work efficiency. Additionally, the company constantly updates new designs and focuses on every detail in the production and crafting process to optimize work processes and enhance competitiveness in the international market. This is to meet all business needs and expand business operations globally. 

With a mission of continuous innovation and quality improvement, Thanh Tung Thinh is committed to providing high-quality wooden products and special care services for all customers worldwide. We believe that creativity, dedication, and a spirit of cooperation will help us grow stronger, and build sustainable and successful relationships with customers and partners. Let Thanh Tung Thinh be your trusted partner in the wooden product field and conquer every market! 


When seeking supply sources through fairs, connecting with reputable manufacturers and suppliers becomes easier and more optimal than ever. Seize the key to success and expand your business globally at the HCMC EXPO 2024 trade fair with Thanh Tung Thinh! 



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