Top 1 Way to Find Wholesale and Suppliers of Wood Products in Vietnam – Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair

Are you looking to expand your business and find sources from reliable manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers worldwide? Participating in trade fairs is an effective way to find suitable partners and explore new opportunities. Join Thanh Tung Thinh in exploring international trade fairs! With over 12 years of experience in the wood product manufacturing industry in Vietnam, we are committed to bringing you exciting and trustworthy business opportunities. Here are some valuable tips to help you make the most of your fair visits and achieve the desired results: 

Finding Manufacturers and Wholesale Sources:   


Nowadays, there are many ways to find wholesale sources from around the world. One of the most popular methods is using e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, or Amazon. You can also join business communities on social networks, online forums, or networking events to connect with other manufacturers and suppliers. Additionally, you can look through intermediaries and agents. 

However, these methods can be time-consuming and require effort to find reputable and suitable suppliers. Instead, participating in trade fairs and exhibitions is a time-saving and more effective way. 

Benefits of Attending Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair:   


Attending international trade fairs like HCMC Expo 2024 brings significant benefits to businesses. Here are some prominent advantages of participating in this fair: 

1. Access to Numerous Suppliers and Products at HCMC Expo 2024: 

 International trade fairs attract participation from manufacturers and suppliers from various industries and countries. This creates a diverse environment, allowing you to: 

  • Explore a wide range of products: You can directly view products from many suppliers, compare quality and prices, and choose the most suitable products for your business needs. 
  • Find sources from various suppliers: The fair gathers suppliers from around the world, making it easier to find reliable suppliers that meet your business requirements. 

2. Build Direct Relationships at Vietnam HCMC Expo 2024 Fair:  

Participating in international fairs allows you to interact directly with manufacturers and suppliers. This offers benefits such as: 

  • Building direct relationships: Meeting and exchanging directly helps you build long-term relationships, better understand partners, and create trust in the cooperation process. 
  • Better understanding of products, production processes, and transaction conditions: You can learn detailed information about products, production processes, and transaction conditions to make accurate and effective business decisions. 

3. Learn About Global Market Trends at Vietnam HCMC Expo 2024 Fair :   

International trade fairs showcase new trends and advanced products from around the world. Attending these fairs helps you: 

  • Update and access the latest global market trends: You will have the opportunity to access the latest products, advanced technologies, and emerging trends in the industry. 
  • Stay ahead of trends and enhance competitive ability: Keeping up with trends helps you adjust your business strategy in time, improve competitiveness, and effectively meet market demands. 

4. Discuss and Exchange Knowledge at the Vietnam HCMC Expo 2024 Fair :   

International trade fairs are also opportunities to discuss and exchange knowledge with industry experts and partners. Benefits of discussing and exchanging knowledge include: 

  • Expanding knowledge and business skills: Participate in seminars, forums, and related events to update knowledge, understand industry changes, and learn from leading experts. 
  • Sharing experiences and ideas: You can exchange experiences, ideas, and business solutions with colleagues and partners, finding optimal methods for your business. 

5. Direct Quality Assessment Through Vietnam HCMC Expo 2024 Fair :   

International trade fairs are excellent opportunities to directly check product quality and assess suppliers' capabilities. Benefits include: 

  • Directly checking product quality: You can closely examine sample products, assess quality and finish, and make accurate cooperation decisions. 
  • Evaluating suppliers' capabilities: Visiting booths and directly exchanging information helps you assess suppliers' scale, production capacity, and supply capabilities. 

6. Expand Business Network Thanks to Vietnam HCMC Expo 2024 Fair :   

Participating in international trade events helps you expand your business network and create many new cooperation opportunities. Specific benefits include: 

  • Connecting with international partners and customers: You can meet and connect with many potential partners and customers from around the world, expanding your business scope. 
  • Enhancing competitiveness in the global market: A wide network of relationships helps you seize new opportunities, improve competitiveness, and sustainably develop in the international market. 

Guide to Participating in Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair and Selecting Suppliers:   


International trade fairs are important events, creating opportunities for connection and cooperation development in manufacturing and exporting in Vietnam. Here is a detailed guide to help you effectively participate in this fair: 

1. Before Attending the Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair : 

  • Research and Prepare: 
    • Learn about the fair: HCMC EXPO 2024 will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, gathering hundreds of businesses from various sectors such as agricultural products, wood, textiles, and handicrafts. Check the official fair website to understand the scale and activities. 
    • Define objectives: Clearly decide what you want to achieve at the fair – finding manufacturers, suppliers, specific products, or business cooperation. 
  • Prepare Documents and Plan: 
    • Register early: Register early to receive updates and best prepare for the event. 
    • Prepare documents: Bring business cards, flyers, and brochures introducing your business. 
    • Make a list of target booths: Based on the published exhibitor list, make a list of booths you want to visit and prioritize them. 
  • Plan Meetings: 
    • Set appointments: Contact potential suppliers in advance to schedule meetings at the fair. 
    • Prepare questions: Prepare questions about products, production processes, prices, and cooperation conditions. 

2. During Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair : 

  • Use Time Efficiently: 
    • Arrive early and follow the plan: Arrive early to visit many booths and carry out scheduled meetings. 
    • Visit target booths: Ensure you meet and exchange information with the planned suppliers. 
  • Communicate and Evaluate Suppliers: 
    • Ask detailed questions: Inquire about products, quality, production processes, delivery times, and after-sales services. 
    • Observe product samples: Closely examine sample products to assess quality and finish. 
    • Build relationships: Exchange business cards and contact information with suppliers. Create a good impression and build long-term relationships. 
  • Participate in Side Activities: 
    • Attend seminars and forums: Participate in seminars and forums to expand knowledge and update market trends. 
    • Meet experts: Take the opportunity to meet and exchange with industry experts. 

3. After Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair: 

  • Summarize and Evaluate: 
    • Take detailed notes: Note important information about each supplier you met. 
    • Evaluate suppliers: Assess suppliers based on criteria such as product quality, prices, cooperation conditions, and after-sales services. 
  • Follow-Up and Negotiate: 
    • Send thank-you emails: Send thank-you emails to suppliers you met and express interest in cooperation. 
    • Negotiate details: Conduct detailed negotiations to discuss contracts, delivery conditions, and other terms. 
  • Check and Confirm Contracts: 
    • Carefully review: Review all discussed information to ensure all terms are clear. 
    • Confirm cooperation: After careful review, proceed to sign contracts and start cooperation. 


Participating in Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair is a great opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to find wholesale sources, manufacturers, and reliable suppliers. By thoroughly preparing before the fair, efficiently using time during the fair, and following up after the fair, you can ensure finding trustworthy business partners and optimizing cooperation effectiveness. 


Join Thanh Tung Thinh at Vietnam HCMC EXPO 2024 Fair to explore and expand business opportunities, achieve high profits, and develop your business! 




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