Reasons Why Wooden Products Have Become a Trend in 2024 - New Opportunities for Wooden Product Business - Direct Wood Manufacturer

Reasons Why Wooden Products Have Become a Trend in 2024 - New Opportunities for Wooden Product Business - Direct Wood Manufacturer  

In 2024, wooden products are becoming a popular trend, prioritized by consumers and gradually replacing household products made from other materials. This development not only benefits consumers but also brings high profits for businesses. Here are the main reasons why wooden products are dominating the household market in 2024.  

1. The Natural and Unique Beauty of Wooden Products  


Natural and Luxurious Wooden Products  

Natural wood brings a rustic yet luxurious beauty. Each type of wood has its unique color and grain, creating unique products, no two alike. This increases the aesthetic value and uniqueness of living spaces. Woods such as teak, ash, beech, and acacia are not only known for their durability but also for their natural beauty.  

  • Teak is popular for its warm color, distinctive grain, and resistance to termites and moisture, making it an ideal choice for high-end and durable furniture.  
  • Ash stands out with its high durability and straight grain, often used in modern and sophisticated designs.  
  • Beech has a light color and fine grain, suitable for diverse and rich wooden products.  
  • Acacia with its dark brown color and high durability is often used to highlight furniture with a warm and cozy beauty.  

Diverse Designs of Wooden Products  

Wooden products can be crafted into various styles and designs, from classic to modern, suitable for many interior decoration styles. This diversity helps wooden products easily blend into all living and working spaces. Designers can freely create from the intricate lines of classic wooden products to the simple yet modern shapes of Scandinavian-style wooden furniture. This design flexibility helps wooden products meet the diverse needs and preferences of consumers.  

2. Environmentally Friendly Wooden Products  

Natural Wood Materials  

Wood is a renewable resource that, when harvested and used responsibly, does not harm the environment. Using wooden products helps reduce the use of polluting artificial materials, meeting the modern consumers' demand for green living. Woods like teak and acacia are grown in sustainably managed forests, ensuring that harvesting does not harm natural ecosystems.  

Health Protection  

Natural wood does not contain harmful chemicals like some plastic or metal products, ensuring user safety. This is an important factor for families with young children or the elderly. Natural wood does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like some artificial materials, reducing the risk of health problems related to indoor air quality.  

3. High Durability and Easy Maintenance of Wooden Products  

Quality and Durability  

Natural wooden products are highly durable, withstand impacts, and have a long usage time. The longer wood is used, the more its value increases, unlike some other materials that can become outdated. Woods like teak and acacia are famous for their water and termite resistance, helping products maintain their newness and durability over time.  

Easy Maintenance  

Maintaining wooden products is also quite simple; regular cleaning and polishing can keep their original beauty. Wooden products can be maintained by dusting, occasionally applying wood oil or wax to keep the surface shiny and water-resistant.  

4. Cultural and Artistic Value of Wooden Products  

Artistic Essence  

Wooden products are often handcrafted, reflecting the cultural and artistic essence of each region. Each product is an artwork, embodying the craftsman's dedication, creating special cultural value. In Vietnam, famous woodcraft villages like Dong Ky and Phu An produce exquisite wooden works that are popular worldwide.  

Perfect Combination  

Wood can be perfectly combined with other materials such as metal, leather, and especially epoxy, creating novel and captivating products. This combination brings highly aesthetic and unique products. Products combining wood and epoxy are becoming trendy with creative beauty, like tea tables shimmering like rivers flowing through forests.  

5. Wooden Product Trends in 2024  

Wooden Decorative Products  

Wooden decorative products such as wooden trays, cutting boards, and wood-epoxy combination products are becoming trends in interior decoration. These products not only have high aesthetic value but also bring a cozy and friendly feeling. Wooden decorations can make living spaces closer to nature and create a relaxing atmosphere.  

Wooden Household Products  

Wooden household products like tables, chairs, and shelves are favored for their sturdiness and durability. They also create a living space close to nature. Wooden tables and chairs bring a warm and friendly feeling, making living spaces more luxurious and classy.  

6. High Profits for Wooden Product Businesses  

High Demand  

With current consumer trends, the demand for wooden products is increasing. This opens up great opportunities for businesses to invest in the wooden product market. The demand for high-quality, uniquely designed, and environmentally friendly wooden products is growing, especially in developed markets such as Europe, the USA, and Japan.  

Increasing Value  

Wooden products, especially handcrafted and uniquely designed ones, often have higher value than products made from artificial materials. This helps businesses achieve better profits. Handcrafted wooden products with intricate carvings are often sold at high prices, attracting customers seeking luxury and uniqueness.  

Popularity in International Markets  

Not only in the domestic market, but Vietnamese wooden products are also popular in international markets. This helps expand the market and enhance export capabilities, bringing high profits. Vietnam is currently one of the world's largest wood product exporters, with many products highly appreciated for quality and design.  

Vietnamese Wooden Products  

Vietnamese wooden products are increasingly asserting their position in the international market not only for their quality and unique design but also for their commitment to sustainability and reasonable prices. Vietnamese wooden products include wooden trays, cutting boards, wooden lamps, wooden kitchen utensils, wooden household items, wooden toys, and wooden souvenirs.  

  • Wooden Trays: Made from teak, ash, beech, and acacia with diverse designs, used for serving food, decorating homes, restaurants, and hotels. Wooden trays are not only useful tools but also aesthetic highlights for any space.  
  • Wooden Cutting Boards: Made from teak and acacia with various designs serving kitchen needs and decoration. Wooden cutting boards are not only durable and antibacterial but also protect knife blades better than plastic or glass cutting boards.  
  • Wooden Lamps: Combining wood with other materials like fabric and metal with unique designs, creating highlights for living spaces. Wooden lamps not only provide light but also bring a warm and close beauty to the home.  
  • Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Made from natural, health-safe wood with diverse designs from spoons, chopsticks, and ladles to cooking utensils. These products are not only practical but also make the kitchen space warmer and friendlier.  
  • Wooden Household Items: Including storage boxes, shelves, and small household items that help organize and decorate living spaces. These products not only have high aesthetic value but are also very practical, helping living spaces be tidy and neat.  
  • Wooden Toys: Helping children develop intelligence and motor skills with safe, non-toxic wooden material. Wooden toys are not only durable but also environmentally friendly, helping children learn and play safely.  
  • Wooden Souvenirs: Including photo frames, keychains, small statues, and jewelry boxes, bringing high spiritual value and unique designs. These gifts are not only souvenirs but also small art pieces, rich in personal imprint.  

Reputable Wood Manufacturer in Vietnam - Thanh Tung Thinh Company  


Thanh Tung Thinh Company is one of the leading units in the production and export of wooden products in Vietnam. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, the company has built a strong reputation and brand in the international market. Thanh Tung Thinh's products are made from high-quality woods such as teak, ash, beech, and acacia, with strict quality control processes. The company offers diverse products from wooden trays, cutting boards, wooden lamps to wooden kitchen utensils and household items.  

Thanh Tung Thinh is committed to providing products at competitive prices by optimizing production processes and utilizing available resources. The company not only specializes in providing high-quality wooden trays and wood-epoxy combination products but also stands out with the ability to produce on-demand, from simple designs to complex and unique models.  

Additionally, Thanh Tung Thinh always focuses on researching and innovating production technology to optimize processes and minimize costs, thus bringing the highest economic benefits to customers. The combination of sophistication in design and professionalism in production has helped Thanh Tung Thinh build a strong brand, trusted and chosen by customers both domestically and internationally.  


Wooden products are becoming a popular trend in 2024 due to their outstanding advantages in natural beauty, durability, environmental friendliness, and artistic value. The priority choice of consumers for wooden products not only brings a beautiful and safe living space but also opens up potential business opportunities for enterprises. Investing in wooden products is not only an investment in products but also an investment in the sustainable and developmental future of the wood industry. Thanh Tung Thinh Company, with its reputation and product quality, is ready to accompany customers in bringing the best values from natural wood.  


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