Wholesaler Wooden Toy elephant family for Children with Safe Corners

Wholesaler Wooden Toy elephant family for Children with Safe Corners

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Welcome to our distinguished collection at the forefront of children's playtime joy - Wholesaler Wooden Toy Elephant Family. As a trusted wholesaler, we are proud to present an enchanting array of wooden toys that bring to life the adorable Elephant Family. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our wooden toys not only capture the essence of familial warmth but also prioritize safety with rounded corners for worry-free play. Each piece is designed to stimulate a child's imagination and creativity while providing a secure and enjoyable play experience.


- Product name: Wholesaler Wooden Toy elephant family for Children with Safe Corners
- Product code: WTOY14-28
- Color: Natural wood color
- Dimensions:
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- Product Description: Set Play For Kids Wooden Toy Manufacturer always feature rounded, smooth edges and uncomplicated patterns that are easy for young children to grasp and play with. Kids' involvement can be increased with Wooden Animals Puzzle toys having moving parts, such as wheels that turn or revolve. Spider Prank Box For Kids Wooden Toy Manufacturer  made of Viet Nam natural wood that don't have any dangerous color additives or jagged edges are completely safe for kids to play with.

- Usage: Children can play with it as well as utilize them as decorations. It aids in the growth of children's imagination and hand-eye coordination, as well as their creativity. A child will like this exquisitely made, whimsically designed for kids Wooden Toy Manufacturer. In addition to being used as toys, this can also be utilized as decorative items in the home, a child's bedroom, or a playroom. They could be placed on shelves, employed as bookends, or included in a bigger arrangement of wooden toys.

- MOQ: 500 pieces
- Packaging: by master boxes.
- Production Time: 10-20 days after confirming order.
- OEM: Available. We can follow as any customers' shapes
- Production Capacity: 30000 pcs per month.
- Payment Term: By T/T, Paypal

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