Special Wooden Moto Cycle for Decoration

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We make high quality wooden toys worldwide, including this Special Wooden Moto Cycle for Decoration. This item are constructed of 100% natural wood from Vietnam, carved or molded into the shape of a Moto Cycle. They are long-lasting and resilient, able to withstand years of play and usage as ornamental pieces, and are not detrimental to human health. Wooden Moto Cycel model  have enduring appeal and can use as a toy to help children develop their imagination and also for home or room decor. Please contact us if you are looking for a reputable wooden toy provider.





Product code: WCM07
Color: Natural wood color
Dimensions: L27 x W6,5 x H17

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- Product Description: Wooden Helicopter toys always feature smooth, rounded edges and  are easy for young children to grasp and play with everywhere. Wooden Moto Cycle toys have moving parts, such as wheels that turn around for moving, it can add an extra element of engagement for users. Moto cycle model from natural wood, no toxic color adding or sharp edges completely safe for kids to play.

- Usage: Wooden Moto Cycle toys are designed to be played with by children,It contributes to the development of kids' cognitive. They are great for imaginative play, helping children to develop their imagination, and hand-eye coordination. This beautifully crafted, playfully designed crocodile wooden toy will be a kid's best friend. It's more than just a colorful toy who loves playtime. Beside wooden Moto Cycle toys can also be used as decorative pieces in the house or in a child's bedroom or playroom. They can be arranged on shelves, used as bookends, or incorporated into a larger display of wooden toys.

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- MOQ: 500 pieces
- Packaging: by master boxes.
- Production Time: 10-20 days after confirming order.
- OEM: Available. We can follow as any customers' shapes
- Production Capacity: 30000 pcs per month.
- Payment Term: By T/T, Paypal

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