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Manufacturing handcraved wooden spoon set worlwide and exporting many wood products. A wooden spoon is a simple and essential kitchen utensil that being used by many household base on their advantages in cooking and washing. A hand-carved wooden spoon set is a beautiful and unique, adding a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen.


- Product name: Handcraved Wooden Spoon Set
- Product Code: WSS003
- Size: Customizable
- Material: Bamboo wood/Pine wood/Rubber Wood/ Beech wood or customer requirement.




Product Description: Made of 100% Natural Wood, durable and lightweight. A wooden spoon with a pattern is a type of kitchen utensil that is made of wood and has a decorative pattern carved or burned into the handle or the surface of the spoon. The pattern can be anything from a simple geometric design to an intricate floral or nature-inspired motif. Wooden spoons with patterns can come in various sizes and shapes, depending on your needs and preferences. Some may have a flat or curved design, while others may have a slotted or perforated surface for draining liquids.
- Usage: One of the benefits of using a wooden spoon/spoon is that it is lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly. In addition, it is considered the perfect decoration equipment thanks to its high and beautiful aesthetics. Can be used in many places, many spaces.


- MOQ: 500 pieces
- Packing: by master box
- Production time: 10-20 days after order confirmation
- OEM: Available. We can make according to any customer's shape
- Production capacity: 30000 pieces per month
- Payment term: By T/T, Paypal


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