Join Us at Vietnam EXPO 2024: A Premier Trade Fair for Esteemed Wholesales and Businesses!

This significant event aims to create opportunities for connection and collaboration in the manufacturing and export sectors. At this exhibition, don't overlook one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of wooden products in Vietnam: Thanh Tùng Thịnh.

About Thanh Tùng Thịnh Wholesales

With over 12 years of experience in the wood industry, Thanh Tùng Thịnh Manufacturer takes pride in being a trusted partner of businesses and wholesale buyers worldwide. Known for our meticulous care from selecting raw materials to production processes, we are committed to delivering the highest quality wooden products to our partners.



Our Expertise and Facilities

With a large-scale manufacturing facility and modern technology, we confidently assert ourselves as one of the leading wood manufacturers in Vietnam. At Thanh Tùng Thịnh, we not only produce but also create unique artistic masterpieces, serving as focal points that bring distinctiveness, richness, and novelty to your business's product portfolio. With diversity in styles and materials, Thanh Tùng Thịnh caters to every need of customers from all around the world.

“Create high-quality and unique wooden products together” - CEO of Thanh Tùng Thịnh

"We are deeply honored to participate in this Trade Exhibition and have the opportunity to meet international partners. We aspire to foster sustainable collaborations with businesses and wholesale buyers worldwide, aiming to create high-quality and unique wooden products together, delivering significant value." - CEO of Thanh Tùng Thịnh

Discover Our High-quality Trending Products at Trade Fair in Vietnam 2024

At Thanh Tùng Thịnh's booth at the HCMC Export 2024 Trade Exhibition, we proudly showcase high-quality wooden products, ranging from unique designs to customized solutions, to meet all your business needs. Our booth offers a unique exhibition space where visitors are mesmerized by the diversity of products and the creativity and sophistication in every detail. From household items, cutting boards, and kitchenware to toys and decorative items, our booth provides a wide selection and reflects current market trends.

Hot wooden products in 2024: Epoxy Products

Especially, our epoxy products are the highlight of our booth. We create unique and trendy artistic pieces by combining natural wood with epoxy. From decorative items like clocks and coaster sets to household items like tables, cutting boards, and lamps, each product is meticulously crafted directly in our workshop by skilled craftsmen, resulting in exquisite and lifelike masterpieces.

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Partner with Thanh Tùng Thịnh Manufacturer and Strengthen Your Business Together

Thanh Tùng Thịnh invites you to explore our booth at HCMC EXPO 2024 and discover the future of the woodworking industry. Join us in creating high-quality, unique wooden products that add significant value to your business. We look forward to building sustainable and successful relationships with customers and partners worldwide.

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For more information, visit our booth and experience the exceptional quality and innovation of Thanh Tùng Thịnh.


Vietnam wooden products manufacturer - Thanh Tung Thinh
The leading wood manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam which head office and showroom are located in District 10, Hochiminh City and factory 1000m2 is in Binh Thuan province with advanced machinery, skilled carpenters, meeting all export standards for wooden boxes, wooden housewares, kitchenware and wooden toys.

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